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Special Packing

Special packing service

  • What is a special packing service?

    It is a special packing service providing packing with wooden frame, strengthen cardboard, etc.
    If we determine that we need a special packing for large item and fragile item that are difficult to be sent abroad, we send abroad by using the special packing to deliver it safely.

  • Product subject to special packing service. Example

    1. Car tires, Bumper, Muffler
    2. Guitar
    3. Bicycle
    4.Product that weak in shock
    5.Extremely heavy products
    6.Extremely large products

    ※ In case special packaging is necessary, additional cost will be charged.
    ※Special packaging service is not on a optional basis, but is applied by our decision automatically.
    ※Please understand that it will take few days for special packing after the item arrives at our warehouse.
    ※Delivery of big size luggage may cost the high postage.

  • Notes for Special Packing Service

    ■The size and weight will change after packing.
    Delivering the products safely to our customers is our first priority.
    As for item that requires special packing service, we will pack to reduce the possibility of damage and weight as much as possible.
    However, sometimes the package is large and heavy in comparison with other packages. We appreciate your understanding.

    ■Shipping charge of large item might be high.
    Among the items that require special packing, we might need to arrange the special delivery system for large item that cannot be sent by EMS.
    Shipping charge might be high depending on the delivery system and weight & size of the package.