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Prohibited Goods

Goods which are prohibited from being shipped internationally. (Example)

Worldwide Common Conditions

Large classificationMiddle classificationExample of the goods which are prohibited from being shipped internationally.
explosives, hazardous materialsexplosivesfireworks, Christmas crackers, gunpowders
flammable liquidLighter fuel, paint goods
High -pressure gasFire extinguisher, Aqualung, dust removal spray
Portable concentrated oxygen, helium gas
gas stove for camping,
Portable concentrated oxygen, refill gas for lighter.
Combustible materialmatch, lighter
Oxidizing substanceBleacher, peroxide agent.、
poison materialchloroform, heating transpiration pesticide
Corrosivemercury, battery
another hazardous substanceEngines for radio-control helicopter, Magnet
radioactive materialradioactive material
(Except the case when the condition for receiving postal articles containing radioactive materials is satisfied.)
Narcotic drug group.Drugs including sychotropic drug
Live animalsLive animals
obscene thingsobscene or immoral things
Forged or pirated products.Forged or pirated products.
信書類Documents including private contents, exchanged between the people other than the sender and the receiver (including their cohabiters) (except documents for recording)
Valuable products.Coin, bank notes, paper money, bearer valuable instrument, travel checks, platinum shaped or not, gold or silver, gem and jewel.
Goods which might infringe the Washington Convention.