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FAQ Section

Charges & Payment

  • What is the agency fee?

    It is a commition fee to purchase merchandises on behalf of customers.

  • What is the forwarding charges?

    Those are charges to make Bill of Landing and Import/ Export Documents, and charges to re-packing the merchandise for overseas delivery.

  • What charges do I need to pay for using Worldshopping?

    Please refer to About Charges page for more details.

  • Are the Duties and Taxes included in the merchandise price?

    The import charges (Duties, Customs tariffs and VAT) are not included in the merchandise price which listing.The Duties and Taxes are set by the destination country. Whether the Duties and Taxes are charged or not, and the rate of these charges are depending on the destination country. For more details, please contact the customes of destination countries.If the Duties and Taxes incur, please pay directly to the carrier.

  • If duties are imposed, may I return& recieve a refurnd for the merchandise?

    Customs Duty may be imposed on imported goods by the country of destination. Since Duties must be paid by the customer, please be sure to take this into account before placing an order.
    Please be advised that if a package is returned to sender due to customer refusal to pay the Duties, it will be impossible to process a return or refund.

  • How do you refund if one/some of the items I ordered is/are out of stock?

    We will make a refund for the item we cannot purchase using the same method origially used by you.

  • What are the accepted payment methods?
    • PayPal
    • Debit Card (ex., UnionPay)
    • Credit Card (VISA, Master, American Express, JCB)
    • Alipay
    • Amazon Pay (* Only for some compatible online shops)

    [Notes for each payment method]

    * Various credit cards and debit cards (UnionPay, etc.) can be paid using the button at the bottom of the payment screen on PayPal.

    * Settlement currency is conducted in Japanese yen. Please check the currency exchange rate directly with your payment company.


    When paying with PayPal

    When paying with UnionPay

    • Customers who desire to use UnionPay (* Delivery country: China only) must register their debit card information on PayPal.

    When paying by credit card

    • The number of payments is only a lump sum payment.
    • The timing of the debit usage fee is based on the closing date of the card used, so please contact your card company for further details.

    When paying with Alipay

    When paying with Amazon Pay* Only for some compatible shops

    • Easy to use without having to enter personal information by using the "delivery address" and "credit card information" registered in your Amazon account.
    • If you click the "Pay with Amazon Account" button on the payment screen, the Amazon sign-in screen will be displayed. Please sign in to your account at with your registered account information, and specify the "shipping destination" on the order procedure screen to confirm your order.
    • The billing statement issued by the credit company will be the receipt. and cannot be downloaded from the Amazon site.
      Click here to open an Amazon Pay account.
  • Why is the1st payment for only merchandise total amount, and 2nd payment for shipping & handling charges?

    The worldshopping purshcses the merchandise in Japan on behalf of the customers. Shipping & handling charges are depending on the size and weight of purchased merchandise. Therefore,
    1st Payment → Total amount of merchandise and agency fee. After the settlement, we will purchase the item you've placed an order.
    2nd Payment → Shipping & handling charges. After the merchandise arrives at our warehouse, we will measure the size and weight, and set the international shipping charges.
    For more details about payment, please refer to About Charges section.

About purchasing process

About Delivery

About the merchandise received

  • The item I received is diffrent from what I ordered. What can I do?

    Please contact us and let us know your Tracking No. and Order No. via Inquiry Form.
    Inquiry Form

  • The item I receive has damage. What can I do?

    We inspect all the items before shipping the package. Therefore, the damage might be occured during the delivery. Please follow bleow procedure, and contact the carrier.
    1. Please keep the item, box, and packing materials. (You may need those when you claim the refunds.)
    2. Please opne the box and take pictures of both item and box you received, which cleary show the conditions of these.
    3. Please take notes the Tracking No. the name of the item damaged, quantity, and the price.
    If the package is delivered under applicable shipping insurance, the shipping insurance may be applied by carrier's judge.

  • I've received the package, but one of the item is missing. What can I do?

    If the item is missing, please follow below procedures and contact us.
    1. Please keep the item, box, and packing materials. (You may need those when you claim the refunds.)
    2. Please open the box and take pictures of both item and box you received, which cleary show the conditions of these.
    3. Please measure the weight including the box as you received the package.
    4. Please comfirm the name and quantity of the item missing. detailed procedures.
    We will notify you more details about further procedures.
    Inquiry Form

  • The package I received seems to be opened once.

    There is a possibility that the package is opend at customes clearance for inspection purpose.