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[Used] Fate / Zero Blu-ray Disc Box Standard Edition [Blu-ray]

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  • [Used] Fate / Zero Blu-ray Disc Box Standard Edition [Blu-ray]

    [Used goods] [commodity rank A]

    "Used game machine body, game software Notes"
    ○ package and disk reading surface, there is the case that there is such as scratches and dirt there is no obstacle on the function to accessories.
    ※ instruction manual there is a case of an electronic manual. Please check the necessary manufacturer.
    ※ Even when there is damage to each media (such as disk · UMD case) and package box, returned goods, if possible playback and operation will not be entertained.
    ○ user registration and network authentication, download code, serial code, we can not answer for the various support propriety of such updates.

    "Hobby Notes"
    ○ (such as a tear, dent, damage) package (gift box) and accessories such as scratches and dirt (faded, etc.) There might be.
    ○ download code, we can not answer for the various support whether or not such as a serial code.


  • 〔中古〕 Fate/Zero Blu-ray Disc Box Standard Edition【ブルーレイ】





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