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超人類6 Re-Animator(1巻 最新刊)

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  • 超人類6 Re-Animator(1巻 最新刊)

    Young to Solitary fight! Transcendence dystopian battle action !! there is a boundary of a rainy day new humanity is rampant atrocities of the Necromancer, Tokyo mysterious disappearance in KaraYadoriki City one after another generation! Internet of electrons manipulate the dead in the bulletin board, their series of incidents has been rumored to be "the work of the new humanity. Asuka Takatori also on the day of the same rain, the mysterious event that the mother's supposed to be dead in an accident revives in the state of puppet experience to. Since then the original to the new humanity Two variants of Asuka to spend while feeling the accident appears in the body !! new mankind they were born in order to cull their own and although I tell it's like ... !? mankind Asuka our different ability Battle Royale opening !!

    [Author] Kaga Mitsuru [publisher] bamboo Shobo


  • 超人類6 Re-Animator(1巻 最新刊)

    死人を操る若きネクロマンサーの孤高なる戦い! 暴虐の新人類が跋扈する超絶ディストピア・バトルアクション!! ある雨の日を境に、東京殻寄市では謎の失踪事件が次々と発生! インターネットの電子掲示板では、それら一連の事件が“新人類の仕業であると噂されていた。 高取明日香も同じ雨の日に、事故で死んだはずの母親が操り人形の状態で蘇るという不可解な出来事を経験する。その後も体に異変を感じながら過ごす明日香の元に異形の新人類2名が現れる!! 彼らは明日香を自分たちと同類だと告げるのだが…!?人類を淘汰すべく誕生した新人類たちの異能力バトルロワイヤル開幕!!

    [作者]鹿賀ミツル [出版社]竹書房


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