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[Pre] GRECO Greco / 101N [Kobe shop]

shop : Ishibashimusic

  • Item condition : USED

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  • [Pre] GRECO Greco / 101N [Kobe shop]

    FujiGen, Ltd., is a copy model GIBSON J-50. The mid-1970s it seems that the production of the roller. In making Japan-made guitar, which was a firm of this age, also there is a profound and powerful sound. It is one of the popular model as Japan vintage guitars.

    Top in floral color desperation, pickguard float (part), but there such as overall abrasions, dents, serious damage, such as there is a hindrance to performance is not currently playing condition is not bad. Tsurudaka is already adjusted to the easy height to play.

    [Neck condition]: waving
    [Truss rod]: a limit to the clamping direction
    [fret remaining]: about 60% to 70%
    [year of manufacture]: 1970s
    [Country of manufacture: Japan
    [case]: Hard Case / non-genuine
    [Accessories goods]: -
    ■ Product Rating: B: rather, there is a scratch and a feeling of use, no problems in applications that normally use
    ■ serial number: 760329
    ■ weight: 2.24Kg
    ■ warranty: 3 months

  • 【中古】GRECO グレコ / 101N 【神戸三宮店】

    フジゲン製、GIBSON J-50のコピーモデルです。1970年代半ばころの製造と思われます。この年代の日本製ギターはしっかりとした作りで、サウンドも重厚で迫力があります。ジャパン・ヴィンテージギターとして人気のあるモデルの一つです。



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